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Nation’s Attic represents serious collectors from around the world that allow us to make immediate offers on just about any vintage antique diving helmet. We specialize in antique diving helmets and antique smoke helmets used for fire fighting. Nation’s Attic has grown into the largest dealer of antique diving helmets in the United Sates! This allows us to pay the most money for vintage diving helmets and related gear. It also allows collectors of old diving helmets to have an opportunity to purchase helmets with a trustworthy source. We also offer a direct email client contact list to keep our customers updated on helmets that are just found! Not sure that your antique diving helmet is authentic?  We do offer appraisals and are happy to look at your helmet.  Also, let us know, if you have a vintage diving watch you are thinking about cashing in and selling. The US Navy Mark V diving helmet is a specialty of the Nation’s Attic. We handle the Mark V helmets made by Morse, Schrader, DESCO and Miller Dunn on a consistent basis. You can also check out some of the rare and unique antique diving helmets we have handled in the past. No matter where in the world you are located, we make the transaction very easy and safe. We also pay for and handle the shipping! In addition to single helmets we do purchase entire collections and related nautical items. Centrally located in the United States we easily handle any transaction with ease. The Nation’s Attic is a full time corporation and we are ready every business day to service your antique diving helmet needs!
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